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The speed of business, especially in trucking, is accelerating every day. Accelera Group is a premier team of insurance professionals, with a broad, and deep understating of the trucking industry, that can help.

Our focus on the trucking and transportation industry allows us to provide value and peace of mind that you and your business is protected. We offer a diverse portfolio of coverages and products through the most respected insurance carriers available. Excellent coverage, at competitive rates is what we strive for every day, for every client.

We will work with you to fully understand your business goals, both current and future, and develop a comprehensive plan to provide you with competitive coverage that you can trust will be there when you need it most to protect you and your business.

Our insurance and risk management solutions for the trucking industry make us a trusted choice.  Contact us today to learn more about working with us!

Accelera Group is also focused on working with the trucking industry across all cultures.  We understand the opportunity and the dream that trucking can fulfill. We will strive to bridge all nationalities, races and languages, with excellent service, great coverages and sound business practices.